Magic Johnson Says Kobe Bryant ‘Wants To Be Involved’

It is a joyous time for the Los Angeles Lakers as the team was fortunate enough to retain their draft pick during the 2017 NBA Draft lottery. Another high lottery selection allows Los Angeles to add to their budding young core of players and accelerate their rebuilding process, inching them closer to playoff contention.

President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka have the opportunity to work out the top prospects in the 2017 NBA Draft. However, Johnson has also begun working on bringing Kobe Bryant on board and according to Ryan Ward of Lakers Nation, he believes Bryant will be around in some capacity:

“Kobe wants to be a part of it,” Magic told SiriusXM NBA Radio. “He wants to be involved, and I told him any kind of way he wants to be involved. We don’t want him to come into work every day, no. We just want his expertise and pick his brain and also, show me or tell me what’s missing. So then I can say, ‘Okay, hey, maybe I missed that. I’m going to jump on that.’

“He got great ideas, so we’re going to implement a plan where we can have him involved.”

Having Bryant as a resource is a boon for the Lakers as players like D’Angelo Russell and Brandon Ingram would surely benefit from working out with the five-time champion. Players such as Gordon Hayward and Isaiah Thomas reached out to Bryant and showed considerable improvement during the season.

Although he is retired, Bryant can still serve an important role for an up-and-coming Lakers team. Although the foundation is in place, the players still require guidance and perhaps Bryant is the person who can provide that.

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